The Final Acts Project
The Final Acts Project is a project that focuses on helping those who are in their end of life stage. I created these icons for the online portal that helped direct users to resources such as hospice care and funeral planning services. I was given the name of the category that needed an icon, and I delicately chose what needed to be represented and how it should be represented in icons.
Daily Texan Illustrations
These Illustrations are for various articles that were written by writers and the Daily Texan. Whenever a writer needed an image for their story, they would come to me to request one. I would get a brief description, and create an illustration that most accurately fit the description.
Sticks and Stones Bat Rescue
I collaborated with Sticks and Stones Bat Rescue (located in San Antonio, TX) to create stickers and a Halloween t-shirt design. The stickers and shirt were sold on their website, and helped the non-profit raise funds to help rescue injured or sick bats in the San Antonio and Austin area.
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